Wildlife Art
Wildlife Art paintings mainly depicting wildlife indigenous to North America
Beary Starry Nights Too
Sunrise Bear
I'll be Bear for you
Beary Starry Nights
The Final Frontier (Where no Bear has gone before)
The Virtue of Grace
The Bear and the Hummingbird
Remember me
Bear Hugs
How Grandfather Bear created the Stars
The zen of being Bear
Raven and the Bear
Under the All Sky
Back in Black Bear
Forgotten Bear Tales
Andean Bear /Spectacled Bear/Andean Short-Faced Bear
In your eyes
Autumn Bear
Four Winds Bear
Bear - Guardian of the West
Black Bear the Messenger
Happy Hour
Where do I belong now
Grandfather Bear
Until I see you again
Memories of Green
Bear the Arbitrator
The Look
Polar Blue
Polar Refraction
Winter's Herald
Cold Day - Warm Heart
Solitudes Edge
Cougar/ Catamount/ Mountain Lion/ Puma
Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion - Guardian of the East
You talking to me?
Puma the Hunter
In the know
Smiling Fox
Fox knows
Like a Fox
Fox Fall
Once upon a time
Little Fox
Fox dances for Hummingbird
Fox shows the way
Badger - Guardian of the South
The Cat Food Bandit
Shaken not stirred
Still Free
Raven Steals the Moon (Moon what Moon?)
Raven of the rainbow wing
Who doesn't love the night
Who Knew
Van Who?
Grey Wolf
White Wolf - Guardian of the North